How Do You Know if Your Life Insurance Agent is Good?

It is funny how much confidence people put into their life insurance while having no idea if the agent actually deserves that confidence.  There are a few things you can use as a yardstick to measure your insurance agent.

  1. How long has your agent been in the life insurance business?  Someone who has a lot of experience probably knows which types of policies have worked out over the years, and which ones haven’t.  He’ll also know that just because an insurance company has a life insurance product, it doesn’t mean it is a good life insurance product.  This is very important regarding life insurance policies that invest in the stock market.  An agent who has been in the insurance business for twelve minutes isn’t likely to be someone whose advice you would seek for investments spanning decades.
  2. Does your insurance agent represent more than one insurance company?  The only way your agent can find the best insurance policy for you is if he familiar with lots of different policies.
  3. Does the insurance agent have educational degrees specific to the insurance industry.  Not only does the education matter when it comes to advising you, it also means that the agent cares enough about being a professional that he has sacrificed his TV time to learn his field.

Just because an insurance agent works at your bank or has been recommended to you by Aunt Agnes, doesn’t mean they are competent.

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  1. Gerardo says:

    Fine material! I have been previously trying to find something similar to this for a while now. Thank you!

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